Our society has become a ‘magic pill culture.’ We insist on indulging in good tasting but nutritionally poor foods, and then try to pick up the slack with expensive supplements.

But this is completely unnecessary, inefficient and expensive. If you go back to grandma’s recipes you’ll find some of the cheapest and easiest-to-make nutritious foods.

Easily at the top of this list is bone broth.

Incredibly nutrient-dense and with far-reaching benefits, bone broth can cover all the bases supplements do AND more, without you forking out major cash.

Read on to find out nine ways bone broth can upgrade your life…

1. Bone broth can help with low electrolyte levels

When you first switch to a low-carbohydrate diet, you’ll find that you’re losing a lot of sodium. This can leave your electrolyte levels depleted for a few days as you adjust. Much like a hangover, where your body is low on electrolytes, you can get flu-like symptoms or a general feeling of illness. This is known as ‘keto flu.’

Bone broth is rich in electrolytes, such as magnesium, sodium and potassium. In addition to these being necessary minerals for general health, it will alleviate some of the transition symptoms.

2. Bone broth is rich in minerals

In addition to these minerals, bone broth contains calcium and phosphorus. Calcium, as we all know from the milk ads, makes your bones stronger. But it also helps with your heart, muscles and nerves. Some studies say it can help against heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Phosphorus not only helps with your bones, but can also help your kidneys to flush out waste, help produce DNA, and help your cells grow and use energy.

3. Bone broth helps with connective tissue health

We easily take our joints for granted… until one day they wear out, and it hits us with a vengeance. Here is a key area where we need to return to getting our key nutrients from food. Here’s where bone broth is the MVP.

Bone broth is rich in gelatine and collagen, which help keep your joints, ligaments and tendons healthy. Honestly, why pay through the nose to reduce joint pain when you can prevent it and heal it cheaply with bone broth.

4. Bone broth helps with muscle repair

Protein supplements is one of the biggest cash cows in the fitness industry. We’re sold ‘special’ protein powders with the promise of faster protein absorption. Or, better yet, processed chemicals touted to force your body to grow.

Forget about that manufactured poison. Bone Broth helps your muscles repair just as well, if not better. And it comes without the brand markup.

5. Bone broth makes you beautiful

Bones and muscles aren’t the only thing bone broth keeps healthy and strong. The collagen in bone broth contributes to healthy skin too. Collagen makes up 80 percent of your skin and contributes to its elasticity, while hyaluronic acid helps your skin retain moisture.

Collagen also helps your hair grow faster, and keeps your nails healthy. What’s more, bone broth can also keep your teeth and gums healthier with its nutritional qualities.

6. Bone broth reduces inflammation

Bone broth is loaded with anti-inflammatory nutrients. There are numerous examples, such as glycine, proline, glucosamine, and chondroitin. All of these nutrients help fight inflammation.

So, in addition to reducing your risk of heart disease by cutting out carbohydrates, you can hit two birds with one stone by fortifying your heart with these nutrients.

7. Bone broth helps heal a leaky gut

If you’re drinking bone broth to beat keto flu, it means you’ve made the decision to go keto. And if you’ve made the decision to go keto, it can mean long-term ingestion of carbohydrates has contributed to high levels of inflammation in your body.

The collagen and gelatin found in bone broth can reduce inflammation and help repair any gut damage. Vegetables in bone broth can also have prebiotic properties, contributing to overall gut health.

8. Bone broth helps fights infections

By making the digestive system more efficient, it also helps the body purge waste. This makes clearing out infections much easier. The immune-boosting minerals mentioned earlier also contribute to this, as does the phosphorus, which improves kidney function.

Potassium and glycine also support detoxification pathways. Glutamines help rebuild cells but they also eliminate heavy metals, an excess of which can prove toxic.

9. Bone broth is great for thyroid health and adrenal fatigue

Leaky gut isn’t an isolated phenomenon. When your gut is damaged, toxins can escape into the bloodstream and cause inflammation, especially in places like your thyroid. When your thyroid is inflamed, it causes problems all over your body, so the gut healing properties of bone broth can help with overall wellbeing.

Inflammation raises cortisol levels, which can exhaust your body. So by drinking bone broth regularly you can reduce all of that adrenal fatigue.


One of the best things about bone broth is that it contains a plethora of beneficial minerals, and each of those minerals benefits you in numerous ways. It’s a great all-round meal to have, especially as an aid when you’re transitioning to a keto diet and to help during fasting.

There are very few bases that bone broth doesn’t cover, and it can be the glue that binds your overall diet together and makes sure you get all of the nutrients you need.


Have you tried bone broth? Have you found any tips and tricks to making it that take it to the next level for you? Let us know below.