I'm Here To Help You Reach Your Goal Weight...

I'm Here To Help You Reach Your Goal Weight...

I have dedicated myself to creating tools and resources to help people hit their weight loss goals, because I don't want anyone else to suffer like I did.

I know that success is possible, I'm living proof.

But I wanted to make the process easier. I wanted to make sure you hit your goals no matter what.

So, I decided to create something so powerful that you have no choice but to succeed.

Let me introduce you to the platform, My Bariatric Coach...

I've created a program that includes everything you need to hit your goals, keep yourself accountable, and also get support from people going through the exact same battle!

Here's everything you're about to receive...

#1. Bariatric Courses

#1. Bariatric Courses

Having the right tools is only half the battle. You also need the support to achieve your goals.

As part of your subscription, you get access to our library of video courses designed to motivate and educate you to achieve your goal weight post-surgery. New courses are published every month!

#2. Monthly Meal Plans & Grocery Lists

#2. Monthly Meal Plans & Grocery Lists

Planning is the key to success. And the only thing that is better than planning, is to have the experts plan for you!

The monthly meal plans (and grocery lists) are specifically designed to help you achieve bariatric success and remove the biggest blockers to your happiness.

New meal plans and grocery lists are published every month!

#3. Bariatric Checklists

#3. Bariatric Checklists

Keeping yourself accountable is a key part of achieving true bariatric success.

Our checklists will do this for you, giving you the personal accountability you need to stay on track and reach your weight-loss goals.

#4. Bariatric Guides

#4. Bariatric Guides

To truly win in the battle against obesity, you need to know what you're up against.

Our guides will shed light on the true causes of the disease and the steps necessary to address them so you can hit your goals!

#5. Private Members Group

#5. Private Members Group

This is a dedicated community for those looking to bust-through post-operative weight-loss plateau or regain and reach their goal weight.

Bariatric Secrets is here to answer your questions and to guide you through the process.

In the private members group, we share stories, discuss our struggles, and celebrate our accomplishments!

You can submit your questions, post directly to the group, and join Dr. Varner for live streams where he shares specific strategies to reach your goals faster.

There's nothing more important in any personal challenge as the right group of people to give you the support you need and to hold you accountable.

And we would love to have you as part of our private bariatric community!

#6. 50% Savings on Coaching

#6. 50% Savings on Coaching

On top of all the benefits you receive as soon as you join, you are also going to get access to a 50% discount on 1-on-1 coaching for as long as you're a member.

This is my most requested service, and I want to get it to you in the most affordable way possible. This will start in May 2020, only a few months away.

Before Joining You NEED to know How Much it Costs...

By now, you should know that I'm not in this for the money... I'm here to help as many people as possible. That's it!

But like any business I have expenses, I have staff, and I there are costs that I need to cover in order to help as many people as possible... so I do have to charge a small monthly fee to members.

Many membership sites will charge $50, $75, even over $100 per month for you to join.

But I'm not going to do that...

Instead, I'm going to make you a special one-time offer that's only available right here, right now.

I'm doing this because by making a purchase you have already demonstrated that you're taking your weight loss seriously.

So to show my support and gratitude for you trusting in my products and services, I'm offering you a 70% discount on the normal membership fee.

If you go to the website right now, you can purchase access to My Bariatric Coach for $46...

But instead of paying full price...

... and because you've already put your trust in our products, I'm offering you special access for a flat fee of only $13.97 per month.

But like I said, this price is only available right here, right now.

Even at the original price of $46 per month, given all the benefits you receive, this program is significantly cheaper than most membership programs... especially those dedicated to weight loss and bariatric surgery.

But at your special discounted price of only $13.97 per month, this program is a no-brainer.

And here's the best part, if you decide you want to stop for any reasons at all, you can cancel anytime... no questions asked, ever!

When you signup, you get immediate access to all of the benefits listed above instantly!

Get ready to start reaching your weight-loss goals faster than you ever though possible using the tools and getting the support you need from Bariatric Secrets!

The only question you need to answer is this...

Are you ready to take advantage of this special one time offer and become a member of My Bariatric Coach?

Need more information before joining?

My Bariatric Coach Membership

This program wasn't just designed by doctors or health coaches, it was designed by a doctor who has actually had bariatric surgery.

And the methods that I am sharing are the exact ones that I used to reach my own goal weight, and stay there for over 7 years.

It's not easy, but you already knew that.

You've been trying to hit your goal weight for years. But what you've done in the past hasn't worked.

And that's why it's time to do something different, and that thing is My Bariatric Coach.

What's different about My Bariatric Coach is that it gives you access to the four key pillars that you need in order to succeed...

1. Education
2. Motivation
3. Accountability
4. Private Community

And all of this is immediately made available to you through our membership platform when you sign up now...

Our Approach To Success:

In my experience, both as a patient and a doctor, I've seen that there are 4 key pillars to success...

1. Education
2. Motivation
3. Accountability
4. Private Community

And when delivered in the right way, these 4 key pillars will ensure that you reach your weight goals.

Here's what I mean by each of these key pillars...

Education: In order to maximize your chances of success, post-surgery you need to first and foremost understand obesity as a disease and the harm that is has on the body. Once you fully understand the disease, it enables you to make better decisions and take the steps necessary to once and for all, defeat it.

Motivation: Like any new lifestyle, initially its going to be difficult… I know all too well of the struggles that weight loss plateau and regain has on a person, both mentally and physically. But I also know how important it is to have someone motivating you along the way. Reminding you of why you are doing this and the goals you have set yourself.

Accountability: Being held accountable to yourself and the goals you have set is a crucial aspect to achieving success. With your My Bariatric Coach membership you will be held accountable to your goals, to me, to the community, and most importantly to yourself.

Private Community: Everything that you receive when you join My Bariatric Coach is built around a private community. We're a group of people just like you, who are working to reach our goals. And we want you to join us, so we can support you on your weight loss journey.

Membership to My Bariatric Coach gives you not only myself and my insight to push you to those goals, but also to an active, supportive and engaged community. All striving towards the same goal. Together you can achieve what you always dreamt as unimaginable!

My Bariatric Coach Membership
Here’s what you’re going to immediately receive when you join My Bariatric Coach…
1. Private Member’s Facebook Group
2. Video Course Library
3. Monthly AMA
4. Resources Library
5. 1-to-1 Coaching Discount
When you purchase your My Bariatric Coach Membership, you’re going to get my fool proof plan with…
AND When you buy right now, you’re going to get it at a no-brainer 50% discount… but only if you buy right here, right now.

Access Your membership now for only $13.97 per month (70% Savings)!